House Rules

The communities are comfortable and serene. Living environments are in houses to promote the feeling of an external family. The women begin to bond from day one and they have an instant built-in support group. We have live-in managers on each property to reinforce the rules and the knowledge of practical application of the principles of recovery. While we foster self-discipline, life skills, and work habits, we also teach the values of honesty, worthiness, and self-esteem. We provide safe, affordable, and aesthetically appealing homes of which the women are proud to be a part. 

  1. We ask for a six-month commitment to ensure the stability of the house and the sincere desire to live a life of recovery. We also request a two-week notice of departure date after commitment is fulfilled.
  2. First 30 days curfew: Sunday – Thursday, 10:00pm; Fri – Sat., 11:00pm. After 30 days (upon approval/based on your compliance): Sun. – Thurs. 12:00am; Fri. – Sat., 1:30am.
  3. NO ALCOHOL/DRUGS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY. - Use and/or possession results in immediate exit; this excludes most medicine prescribed by a physician and listed on lease application prior to entry.
  4. No men in or hanging around house.
  5. No friends or families or HOPE House sisters visiting in bedrooms; manager must be aware of all visitors.
  6. Must attend 90 meetings in 90 days, 2 per day if not working, at least one women’s meeting weekly; after 90 days, you must attend 5 meetings weekly (one per day for 5 days). It is suggested you not miss meetings two days in a row.
  7. Must have/get a sponsor and must be working the steps; this will be checked. Must get a women’s home group within two weeks.
  8. Must have/get a FT job (within two weeks) or be active in a FT outpatient program. It requires 40 hours a week to look for a 40 hour a week job. You will be dressed appropriately and out of the house by 9:00am job searching.
  9. Mandatory house meeting Sundays at 4:00 pm & Relapse Prevention Thursdays at 6:30 pm.
  10. After 30 days, overnight pass upon approval (where, when, with whom, and why for approval). When planning trips home, first discuss parameters with managers.
  11. Random clean checks: beds made daily, laundry, trash, dirty dishes, etc. Maintain your room, bath, kitchen, living and dining rooms at all times.
  12. Wednesday by 10:00 pm and Sunday by noon are cleaning days; results must be approved by manager.
  13. Front door locked at all times. When leaving the house, turn up a/c temperature to 80 or off; turn off lights, t.v., ceiling fans; lock doors and windows.
  14. No food in bedrooms.
  15. No smoking in house.
  16. No stealing. We are not responsible for lost or stolen objects and do not recommend you bring anything of value.
  17. No sexual relations in house or on property will be tolerated.
  18. No violence to self or others (physical, verbal, “acting out”) will be tolerated.
  19. No negative contracts.
  20. Random drug tests will be conducted; if positive, you will be transferred immediately to a detox or other medical facility.
  21. Rent is collected on Sunday at 4:00 pm house meeting – late fee of $15.00/day.
  22. Move-in amount is $570.00 (including non-refundable deposit)
  23. No borrowing money, vehicles, personal items or clothing.
  24. No hanging out at bars, clubs, hookah/kava bars, men’s sober houses, people, place or things having to do with drugs.
  25. Call Manager from home phone when you get home at night.
  26. Additional Expenses: electricity budget: anything over the following amount $xxx is considered excess and is the responsibility of the tenant(s).