The Team

While the HOPE House has raised the standard of sober house -living in South Florida, we have also helped many other houses (for both men and women) get started on the same path. Last year, we opened the 180 House, our brother houses, to provide the same services to serious men in need. We believe there cannot be enough good, safe, recovery housing for people who are truly ready to make the commitment to a new, healthy life. The HOPE House and the 180 House are often imitated but never duplicated in the dedication, sincerity, love, and wisdom we pass on to all who live here.

Gabrielle Smith, Founder/Owner

After getting clean and sober in 1993, Gabrielle earned a bachelor's degree in human resource management at the University of Maryland. She is also a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and is working currently toward her CAP (Certified Addiction Professional) and master's degree in mental health counseling. Beginning her career as a behavioral health tech, group facilitator, and then residential supervisor, Gabrielle gained experience with co-occurring disorders of substance abuse and mental health. In 2005, her unbridled passion inspired her to rebuild her hurricane-ravaged home and turn it into what has become the first HOPE House in a sober house community for women. She subsequently raised the industry standard for such residences. Gabrielle has gone on to join other like-minded people in creating an affordable outpatient facility called Total Recovery Now. Her current goal is to teach the true nature of the diseases of alcoholism and addiction while helping individuals discover their personal barriers to recovery. Although she no longer manages the HOPE House, her ideals of love, sisterhood, community, and "old school" recovery remain.

Elena Brooks, Manager

Elena started with the HOPE House as a client in 2010. Today she is a full-time manager, bringing home her experience as a mother and a recovering addict. She has had a successful career as an administrator and gives of herself to provide the opportunity to others that she has been given.

Ashley Mitchell, Manager

Ashley came to the HOPE House as a client in 2012 with 46 days sober. It was her first attempt at recovery and a new way of life. She expressed an interest in one day managing at the house that she says "saved her life". She stayed with us for a year before moving on to the next part of her journey. She worked as a supervisor at a treatment center while also managing a women's halfway house. She has since returned to us, following her dream and passion to return to the place that "raised her" into the strong and independent woman she is today. With her experience, strength and hope, Ashley strives to help other women just like her find their new way of life.


We cannot take credit for "raising the children" without thanking the "village." We are deeply appreciative of and indebted to those loving and generous alumni who freely give their time and energy to help out whenever asked. We have a list of local and distant alumni women who are available to the HOPE House women day and night. The instant support group they offer new women is unparalleled in the community!

Over the past seven years we have also developed relationships with amazing people in recovery that will jump in and help at a moment's notice—many times, without notice! Members of our local recovery community often simply recognize a "HOPE fiend" and will offer guidance and support, asking nothing in return.